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You’ve been RACK’d! (Random Acts of Christmas Kindness)

It’s finally the holiday season!!! I love the holiday season, don’t you? It’s my favorite time of the year for so many reasons, but the one I’m focused on today is giving! Giving, giving, giving! Giving makes my heart sing! (Haha) There is absolutely no better feeling than when you give, often time something small, to someone who didn’t expect it. I love the pure look of joy. Giving even the smallest of things can turn someone’s day from a frown fest into a joy fest.

I also love seeing my daughter give. It is so wonderful watching her learn giving is more rewarding than receiving.  That is why one of our favorite holiday activities is RACK. We started this a couple years ago, I have to admit we slacked last year, but we are back in full force and ready for this year!

If you haven’t heard of RACK, it stands for Random Acts of Christmas Kindness. We did a RACK calendar in lieu of an Advent calendar and my daughter loved it. However, I’ll be honest it was quite a challenge to get in all the items. So this year we are going to approach it a bit difference. This year we are going to do 12 Days of Christmas. Our goal will be to get 12 RACK’s in before Christmas. We are going to keep it simple and post our RACK ideas on the wall and mark them off as we complete them.  Typically weekends were the easiest days for us to complete RACKs, since school days are usually filled with activities and home work.

If you haven’t tried RACK, I highly suggest it! It is so much fun.

Here are some of our favorite ideas for RACK:

  1. Teacher’s snack
  2. Extra Chore to help mom and dad
  3. Buy a stranger a meal or coffee
  4. Pay for someone’s order in line at checkout ahead of you
  5. Leave a dollar in the dollar store hidden on a shelf
  6. Tape popcorn to the screen of Redbox for someone to enjoy with their movie
  7. Candy Cane Bomb cars in a parking lot
  8. Buy a friends snack at school
  9. Angel Tree
  10. Donate to Toys for Tots
  11. Help someone with the door
  12. Help someone reach something from a shelf
  13. Help senior citizen unload groceries
  14. Offer to help grandparents with a chore
  15. Send a just because I love you care package to someone special
  16. Make a list of top ten things you love about someone close to you and send it to them.
  17. Help at a soup kitchen
  18. Donate to a food bank
  19. Fill a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child
  20. Do something unexpected for someone
  21. Pick up leaves in the neighbor’s yard
  22. Give a stranger a free coffee gift card
  23. Make breakfast in bed for a family member.
  24. Leave an anonymous gift on someone’s door step- it can be something as simple as a sweet snack and a wish for a nice day.
  25. Clean out toys and fill a bag with toys for charity.
  26. Random contribute to someones GoFundMe account that wasn’t expecting it! (S


We like to include a gift tag that says “You’ve been RACK’d” and explains what it is and wishes them well. We haven’t designed this year’s tag yet. I’ll be getting on it next week, I hope! When I do, It will be posted here as a free download.


Do you have any RACK ideas to share?


Talk Soon,


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