Dyslexia impacts 1 out of 5 people. 1 out of 20 are identified. That means for every 100 people there are 20 people who are dyslexic. Out of those 20 only 1 gets identified

Dyslexia is common, yet not commonly understood.

Did you know the same strategies that work to help a dyslexic individual learn to read also work for non-dyslexic individuals?Unfortunately, these strategies are often not used in the classroom.

Something to Consider: If we have the recipe, why don’t we use it?

Dyslexia comes with challenges…

But it does not impact intelligence.

When you are sitting in reading class or grammar class wondering why you just can’t get it, it can feel like it impacts your intelligence, but it doesn’t.

Being surrounded by people who think you are capable of less because of dyslexia can make it feel like it impacts your intelligence, but it doesn’t.

Dyslexia comes with strengths…

There are two sides to every coin. With struggle comes strength. One of the common strengths people with dyslexia have may surprise you. Watch the video below and tell me if there is one you find surprising…

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